Article by Sri Shashank mudoori in Vishwavani Kannada Daily Newspaper Bengaluru Edition dated 18.12.2021


Everyone desires to have a Kashi Yatra at once. They are enthusiastic to tour Varanasi. For the last one week everywhere discussing about Kashi. The pilgrimage earlier visited Kashi, now again desired to visit Kashi. Everyone is interested to oversee the development activities took around there and planning to visit Kashi.

The reason thereof aroused after the inauguration of the Kashi corridor (1st stage). Till recently all are forced to see Kashi Vishwanath Mandir spread in around 5000 sft only. In history, few developments took place and Kashi Vishwanath Mandir was rebuilt in that particular place. As such it was possible to have a darshan of Bhagawan Vishweshwar in such a tiny place. In 1780 Rani Ahyallabai Holkar of Indore purchased the entire land and rebuilt a little bigger Vishwanath Mandir. It remained at that stage for the last 240 years.


In Kashi, in and around Mandir new buildings/facilities/amenities were constructed approximately 5,00,000 sft. The first stage of the Kashi corridor was offered to the public on the 13th of Dec 2021.


There is a direct broad path from the Ganga river to Kashi Vishwanath Mandir darshan. There are facilities/amenities for the visitors. Some more new buildings, facilities, and amenities are under the construction stage. The most important fact is the direct road/view leading from the Ganga River to Vishwanath Mandir.> In the Ganga river, new facilities are available for taking baths, which has changed the entire concept. At present visitors' inflow to Kashi has increased ten folds


Tourists visiting from Karnataka or from South India may face a few language problems. It may be overcome by little adjustments. The visitors from our state may find it difficult to understand, Kashi's locality, tradition, culture, history, society background. If a local person with deep knowledge, familiar with culture and tradition accompanies us then it will be a boon. One such tourist guide means the origin of Kashi Sri Dinesh R Mishra. He is not only a professional guide but also takes care of all the travelers and coordinates with interested tourists inclined to visit Gaya, Prayagraj, and other religious places in and around Varanasi. He is a very resourceful person with vast experience in the tourism fiel.
Sri Dinesh Mishra has born and brought up in Kashi. He is an M.Sc graduate. He built a young and enthusiastic team to cater to the needs of travelers, with an intention to impart local culture to tourists, visitors, and researcher's hailing from other States, his team's motto is to serve with utmost faith and determination than businesses profit.


Sri Dinesh R Mishra has established M/s Namaste Kashi Tours & Travels with enthusiasm and to provide better service to travellers. When questioned how an idea was born in his mind to build such a firm and to provide a better service to all travellers, his answer was really fascinating.
He answered I was born and brought up in Kashi and am aware of the nook and corner of Kashi and moreover I am familiar with local culture and tradition. The visitors coming from other States, especially from South India may perform religious pooja and rituals but fail in realising the culture to the fullest extent. The main reason for this is a language barrier and lack of proper guidance. To overcome I built Namaste Kashi. Many visitors have appreciated our Firm and its tour package, politely said Sri Dinesh R Mishra.
Namaste Kashi tours and travel package tours are given priority to introducing culture to travellers. Kashi, Ayodhya, Prayagraj, and Gaya - circuit tours are the most popular. The package is ranging from 3 to 9 days. They also undertake or include places like Chitrakut & Nemisharanya which gained importance and relate to Ramayana yuga. By arranging such tours he is upholding our Country's culture high and high and exhibiting his respect and Rastrabhakti.

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