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Eight Days and Seven Nights Buddhist Tour

The Buddhist is a way that follows the path of the Buddha from Lumbini in Nepal where he was born, through Bihar in India where he achieved enlightenment, to Sarnath and Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh in India, where he gave his first knowledge and died.
Note : We can reschedule your tour and change your arrival destination according to your tour plan.

Day Details

Day Wise Tour Plan

First Day Plan
  •  After Arrival at Patna Railway Station or Airport
  •  Representative Will Meet & Greet You
  •  Go to the Booked Hotel for Refreshment
  •  Visit Buddhist Town Sarnath
  •  See Modem Temple, The Dharmarajika, Chaukhandi Stupa & Dhamek Stupa
  •  See 80 Feet Lord Buddha Statue
  •   See, Lion Capital of Ashoka
  •  Night Staying in Varanasi
Second Day Plan
  •   Morning Breakfast
  •   Go for Bodhgaya
  •  Attend Evening Prayer at Shri Mahabodhi Temple
  •   Night Stay in Bodhgaya Hotel
Third Day Plan
  •   Morning Breakfast
  •   Go for Rajgir
  •  Visit Viswa Shanti Stupa on the Ratnagiri Hill
  •   Go for Nalanda
  •  Visit Famous Nalanda University
  •   Go for Patna
  •  Night Stay in Patna Hotel
Fourth Day Plan
  •   Morning Breakfast
  •   Visit Golghar (Built as Agranary)
  •  Visit Gandhi Museum
  •   Visit Patna Museum
  •   Visit Har Mandir Takht
  •  Visit Qila House or Jalan Museum
  •   Have Lunch in Hotel
  •   Go for Vaishali
  •   Visit Vaishali Famous Places
  •   Go for Kushinagar
  •   Night Stay in Kushinagar
Fifth Day Plan
  •  Visit Shri Mahaparinirvana Temple (Buddha Took His Last Breath)
  •  See Rambhar Stupa
  •   Go for Lumbini
  •   Go in Booked Hotel in Lumbini
  •  Visit Birth Place of Lord Buddha
  •  Visit Mayadevi Temple
  •  Night Stay in Lumbini Hotel
Sixth Day Plan
  •  Go for Kapilavastu
  •  Go for Kapilavastu
  •  See Rambhar Stupa
  •   Visit Japan Temple
  •  Go for Shravasti
  •  Night Stay in Shravasti Hotel
Seventh Day Plan
  •  Visit Sahet Mahet and Angulimala
  •  Visit Jetvana and Ananda Bodhi Tree
  •  Go for Varanasi
  •  Night Stay in Varanasi
Eighth Day Plan
  •  Morning Breakfast
  •   Departure to Varanasi Airport or Railway Station
Important Services
  •  3 Star or 5 Star Hotel in Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Patna, Kushinagar, Lumbini and Shravasti
  •   Boat for Boat Ride in Varanasi Ganga River
  •   Daily Breakfast and Dinner in Hotel
  •   Get Ultimate Ride with Best Taxi Service in Varanasi
  •   Services of Local English Speaking Guide During the Tour (If You Want)
Desitnation Covered
  •  Varanasi-Bodhgaya-Rajgir-Nalanda-Patna-Vaishali-Kushinagar-Lumbini-Kapilavastu-Shravasti
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